Recently Shazamed + Currently Listening To... + Video Vednesday

I've been feelin' indecisive today so here ya have a bunch of posts rolled up into one- a 'Recently Shazamed Playlist,' a short 'Currently Listening To...' section and a 'Video Vednesday.' 

My Recently Shazamed Songs (pt. 3) 

This edition of 'Recently Shazamed Songs' features 7 songs discovered while watching the closing credits at a movie theater, listening to WNYE's "The Alternate Side" in the car on the way to work, shopping at the mall and so on. While some I've already became bored with, others I am still really into, such as "Bad Intentions" by Niykee Heaton and Yeasayer's "Henrietta."

Currently Listening To...

While I haven't been jamming to a ton of stuff since the songs I last posted, here are a few songs that have made it into my rotation in the last few weeks. One is super new while the other, while new to my ears, has been out for a bit now. The first is a new disco-y tune I am really digging- a remix by Pictotropico of Masa's "Out There" featuring Miho Hatori. The next song, "Lullaby", while not as fun, is a captivating song that shows off Mandy Lee's unique voice.

Video Vednesday: Blood Orange - "You're Not Good Enough"

Also, not a new song nor new music video, but it was just brought to my attention last week and I've been waiting until this very day (Wednesday) to share it. Watch Devonte Hynes show off his funky dance moves in this daytime television inspired video.

P.S. I really want to learn these moves. I'll keep you updated on how that goes... 

As you can see this post was all over the place because I didn't know what type of post to write, mostly because I kept thinking about what YOU want. Since I am not a mind reader, I would love for you to take the poll below and tell me what you want to read next! 

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Video Vednesday + New Music

This Video Vednesday showcases HAIM's recently released music video for their remix of "My Song 5," with A$AP Ferg. This funny, celeb filled video stars- Grimes, Vanessa Bayer, Kesha, Ezra Koenig, Big Sean and more I'm sure I missed. Check it out and see how many cameos you can spot. 

Also, I couldn't wait until my next post to share these new tunes- 

BLKHRTS is a Denver rap group/rock band formed in 2011. BLKHRTS' producer Yonnas said, “We’re really confident in our grasp of rock music and the way to interpolate that with hip-hop. We’re not making rap-rock. We’re making hard-core rap music that uses textures and the loud/soft dynamic and the textual element of rock and guitars. We’re the best guitar players in rap.” Listen to the stream below to hear the unique rap/rock sound Yonnas describes.

The Green Seed is another rap group with the goal of "bringing back conscious hip-hop, a la Tribe Called Quest." Below is "Jude Law," off their album Drapetomania, which will have you reminiscing back on 90s rap.

This last song is by Menace & Lord made up of Kris Menace (has worked with Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, Royksopp and more) and Simon Lord (ex member of Simian Mobile Disco and Black Ghosts). The following is their debut single of their upcoming album Sun, Moon and Stars (coming out in September). 

Video Vriday(?): Metro Station - "Love & War"

Remember these guys? Well, they're back. Just saw this vid and had to post because they were my fav band back in the day, BEFORE "Shake It" (just have to point that out). I literally listened to their CD everyday and saw them live more times than I can remember. I was obsessed circa 2007. While this song isn't amazing (I mean, I secretly love it but that's just me) and the video is far from creative and interesting, I will always have a place in my heart for them, not sure why. Check it out ->

P.S. I'm loving Mason's makeup and dangly cross earring LOL.

Video Vednesday: Lorde- “Team”

It’s Video Vednesday!! For this Vednesday I chose Lorde’s new music video for “Team” that premiered yesterday. When linking the video on Facebook, Lorde wrote- 

This video was borne from a dream i had a few months ago about teenagers in their own world, a world with hierarchies and initiations, where the boy who was second in command had acne on his face, and so did the girl who was queen. i dreamt about this world being so different to anything anyone had ever seen, a dark world full of tropical plants and ruins and sweat. and of this world, i dreamt about tests that didn’t need to be passed in order to be allowed in: sometimes the person who loses is stronger. enjoy xx

The video got so much traffic when it was first released that it crashed Vevo! Check out the video to see what all the hype is about.  

Lily Allen- “Hard Out Here”

I can’t wait for Video Vednesday, so I’m posting this today- Video Vonday…? Anyway, I’m a big Lily Allen fan and ecstatic she’s finally back after about 4 years. Although Lily isn’t as crazy and out there as artists such as Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, she is the furthest thing from dull or ordinary and “Hard Out Here” is a prime example.

In her new song and video she mocks and calls out the current music scene and countless artists, both in her lyrics and visuals. This video is packed with lots of twerking and clever lyrics such as "Sometimes it’s hard to say, I’ll go ahead and say them anyway, forget your balls and grow a pair of tits." Lily is back, woo! 

Video Vednesday: Sky Ferreira- "Lost In My Bedroom"

So I’m totally jacking my internship’s Video Vednesday term, but I like the idea so whatever. For this Vednesday I picked Sky Ferreira’s music video for her song “Lost In My Bedroom”. The video isn’t super new and she has come out with a new album since, but I just saw it recently and thought it was a good share. The video and the song go perfectly together and although I haven’t tried it yet, I can’t imagine the song being as good without the accompanying visuals. Watch, listen and let me know if you agree!

Music Vids

After reading James C. McKinley Jr.’s article, “Pop Music Videos? I Want My YouTube!” in The New York Times, about the importance of music videos and how they are changing and becoming much more than they used to be, I’ve made it a point to watch more of them.

Now a days there are different types of music videos- music videos with an elaborate story (almost like a mini movie), lyric videos before the official music video comes out, artsy music videos and the (now) old fashioned, traditional videos where there is either dancing and singing into the camera or a performance. 

I picked out 6 newish/ interesting music videos that demonstrates all these different types of music videos-

  1. Lorde’s artsy video for “Tennis Court”. While artsy and unique it can also become a little boring ->
  2. Drake’s video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” which is the mini movie type and doesn’t start until about 3 minutes in ->
  3. The Maine’s “Love and Drugs” is another mini movie like video that may have been inspired by the The Bling Ring. It makes you want to pack your bags and live a care free life in California (but without the weird sneaking into people’s houses part) ->
  4. Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself To Dance” is the more traditional type music video with a simple performance ->
  5. M.I.A’s “Walk With Me” isn’t an official music video yet but has an interesting lyric video which I first confused as being the music video because of it’s elaborateness ->
  6. HAIM’s silly music video for “The Wire” has a story within it but it’s not too elaborate and movie like. The video features Lonely Island member Jorma Taccone, which gives you assurance that it will be a silly and fun video ->

Check out these videos and post videos that you find cool and interesting in the comment section below!