Guest Post: Warped 2013

August 4th marked the end of Warped Tour 2013. For the lame-os out there who don’t already know, Warped Tour is a music festival that travels the United States and Canada every summer. It’s a great tour because there are so many bands for the reasonable price (only about $45.00). For many of us (myself included), Warped Tour is something to look forward to every year. This year there were over 70 bands on the tour, including many of my favorites, making it (in my opinion) one of the best ones yet. The following is a list of bands I saw:

  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • Chiodos
  • Handguns
  • Like Moths to Flames
  • Man Overboard
  • Memphis May Fire
  • Secrets
  • Silverstein
  • The American Scene
  • The Story So Far
  • The Wonder Years
  • Woe, Is Me

Bands start getting announced every December for the upcoming summer. They used to add 5 new bands every Wednesday (Warped Wednesday) on their website- This past year was slightly different because Warped Roadies, a show about the people who travel the tour, setting up/cleaning everyday, premiered on Fuse. New episodes were on every Friday at 10pm and a few new bands would be announced on the bottom of the screen during the episode. It was a very fun way to find out your favorite bands were playing the upcoming summer. I remember when Man Overboard was announced (my favorite band) it was during the episode about my Warped date Holmdel, NJ. I was so excited and so happy to be reliving my passed warped experience I actually got pretty emotional while watching the episode.

Before I go, I like to make a list of the bands I want to see, but since every year that list gets increasingly longer, I like to pick 5-10 bands that I want to see the most so that when I get there, it’s a bit easier for me to decide. The bands’ set times are different every day and they don’t get made up until the morning of every show, which is why I recommend getting there early. You never know if your favorite band might be playing first! The times are displayed on a huge blowup board, which is usually close to one of the main stages. They also sell paper schedules for $2, which I always buy because I just find it much easier. 

My favorite set at Warped this summer was by far The Wonder Years. Even though they’ve been one of my favorite bands for a while, this summer was my first time seeing them live and it was absolutely amazing. The energy in the crowd was insane and the set was really good. If you’ve never seen The Wonder Years live, I highly recommend it. Also, Matt Vincent from The American Scene playing at the acoustic basement tent was great. I recommend checking them out as well as Handguns. They’re both lesser known bands that are great live. Sad to see the summer end but only 297 days until next summer and Warped 2014. Hope you’ll think about going! 

Guest Post: Who Needs a Scrapbook?

Smell is the most closely linked sense to memory.  This is scientifically proven, being that the olfactory bulb is a part of the limbic system, which is associated with memory.  Those of us with a properly functioning olfactory unit can likely reference a smell and a scenario, person, or location that is linked with that particular scent.  I have found throughout my life that music is also linked to memory.  Although there is not much data to back this claim, I firmly believe music and memory go hand in hand. 

There are plenty of songs, albums, and artists that were significant to me at a certain point in time.  Any time I hear them, I am brought completely back to the moment in which they were meaningful to me.  It doesn’t always have to be a significant memory, as music even reminds me of events as mundane as pulling an all-nighter to study for that Social Issues final my sophomore year of college (Circa Survive’s On Letting Go on repeat all night).  However, it is the music that has inspired me, helped me get through a rough time, or was the soundtrack to my happiest experiences that really makes me relive those moments in the present day, reinvigorating the emotions I experienced during those times. 

This is an awesome and awe-inspiring component of one’s relationship with music: it is as if music becomes a part of you.  Whether it reminds you of laying on a beach somewhere, being with a past lover, going through a breakup, or raging at a concert with your friends, the music you were listening to during these experiences will serve as a time machine for the rest of your life.


For your listening pleasure, I’ve included some of my time machine tracks ;) - two songs that remind me of great times in high school with my best friends (T-Pain’s “I’m Sprung” and “I Wanna Be Your Lady” by The Diplomats feat. Nicole Wray).   I also have attached The Cure’s “Pictures of You,” which helped me during a heartbreak (they literally are the cure. Disintegration is the best album ever), and “Goliath” by The Mars Volta, which I saw them perform live at The Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO (best concert of my LIFE. Put that venue on your bucket list).  Finally, I would like to share “This is How it Goes” by Goldfish with you, which my friends and I were blasting as we drove down the Pacific Coast on Route 101, watching a beautiful sunset change the sky to the most scenic and aesthetically pleasing blues, purples, oranges, and pinks I have ever been lucky enough to witness in nature.