YouTube is the New MTV

In honor of the MTV Video Music Awards tonight, dozens of articles have been circulating the past few weeks about the big event. I read an interesting article in The New York Times yesterday titled “Pop Music Videos? I Want My YouTube!” By James C. McKinley Jr. The article wasn’t so much about the award show as much as it was a review of where music videos stand today and their importance. In the article, David Saslow, the general manager of Atlantic Records, stated “Video has almost never been as important as it is now, because if YouTube is the stereo of the day, when you go there, there needs to be a compelling and artful reason to stay there.”

The article explains the shift from record labels spending millions of dollars on music videos and hoping to have them played on MTV and later radio stations to today, where MTV rarely plays a music video and YouTube is now the biggest platform for music videos.Thirty years ago MTV and FM radio stations determined whether a song became a hit, now the fans have more of a say.

A few interesting points the article made is that YouTube has sparked a video revolution, when it was an art form that beforehand was in decline. Another point- YouTube hits can often be translated to an increase in album and single sales. Also, because music videos are now watched on the Internet as opposed to television, directors are given more artistic freedom. Less censoring is required and more time is available, which gives more of an opportunity to create storytelling in music videos; a popular trend at the moment.

I highly recommend checking out this article, it gives really interesting insight on the development of music videos and in turn, the music industry.

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The MTV Video Music Awards will be held tonight at 9pm on MTV

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