Winter Show List



When I think of winter I think about occasionally playing in the snow, but mostly snuggling up and being cozy at home. BUT some shows are worth venturing into the polar vortex for, and this is a list of them. I don’t enjoy being out in the cold so trust me when I say that these shows are MUST sees.

While I will try to go to all of these, lets be real, I won't. So I highlighted the shows that I will definitely be going to, aka the best of the best on this list, meaning shows ya need to go to.

You will find that some months are lacking. Part of that is due to me being super picky this season because like I said, I hate the cold, and part of it is just that there aren't a ton of great shows announced yet. So as Feb and March start approaching and more shows get announced, I will be sure to add them on here- make sure to keep checking back!

If I can get myself to leave my slippers and sweaters then so can you! See ya there ;)