There's More than Just Spotify and iTunes Out There... (Part II)

Aaaaand here are some more sites:

  • One of the first things asks you to do is come up with a DJ name. Blip treats you as if you are a DJ. To post a song you search for it, write a note about it and then post it to a Twitter-like feed for your fellow blip users to hear. Your playlist is created by the blip DJs you favorite and the more you post. One cool feature of this site is blip connects you with DJs that have a similar music taste as you. If you are bored with the straight forward Pandora/ Slacker like sites, and are looking for something totally unique, I would give this site a try. Add me!

  • Grooveshark- another easy to use, playlist builder. This site has a similar set up as Slacker but is focused on the user creating a playlist as opposed to stations. This site has a section dedicated to the Grooveshark community making it easy to see what fellow users are listening to. Another cool website to check out if you’re into creating playlists. Check out my page!

  • like this site centers on you being a DJ, but that’s basically where the similarities end. On, DJs create themed music rooms and other users join the room as listeners. The listeners can give the DJs a thumbs up or thumbs down to express whether they are feeling the music or not. Up votes earn you “DJ points” while too many down-votes force a song change. You can check out the site without signing up and listen in on the DJ sets but signing up gives you the options to customize your avatar, participate in the room chat, step up to DJ and more. This site is different from the others in that it basically allows you to be a different person, almost like in a video game. Join this site for a whole new online listening experience! Connect with me: Lissie Li

  • Songkick- this site lets you track your favorite bands and notifies you when they are touring in your area. Besides that awesome service alone, Songkick has a feature to pledge for your favorite artists and bring them to your area. Fans can pledge in advance to buy tickets to see artists in concert, which gives them a reason to come in the area. The pledges only turn into real tickets once the artist officially commits. This feature is titled Songkick Detour. Many artists have played unplanned shows thanks to this Songkick. Go to this site if you want to be the first to know when your favorite band is coming to town or if you want to lure your favorite band to town.

One more continuation post to come! Check back soon!