There's More than Just Spotify and iTunes Out There... (Part III)

Last one! 

  • the premise of the site/ app is pretty simple and straight forward— it’s designed to make radio requests simpler. The home page of this site asks you to type in an artist or song to request on your local radio station, quick and easy. Not a fan of what’s on the radio? Request something else be played! It’s that simple.

  • If you are a frequent concert goer who loves to get lost in the music, this might be for you. I only say might because this site, like the title suggests, shows you the list of songs that will be performed at that concert you are about to attend. If you are like me and love singing along to every lyric you’ll want to check out this site to familiarize yourself with the songs that are to be expected. If you like being surprised then this site isn’t for you. I think it’s a pretty cool site though so if you’re feeling curious, check it out!

  • Vyclone- “is a social video platform that lets you co-create, sync and edit multiple views of a shared moment, effortlessly.” ( Vyclone was featured in Upstart Business Journal’s article, 10 Music Startups Changing an Industry’s Tune. The article explained the site stating, “This site/ app lets people co-create, sync, and edit multiple videos from the same event or concert, all using apps on iPhone or Android.” So if you are one of those concert-goers who records their favorite songs for later enjoyment, try this site out and see what you can do with it! Even if you aren’t into recording while at a concert see what videos you can find and maybe you’ll be able to relive that concert you loved so much.

Comment below about what you think about these sites (whether you loved them or weren’t feeling them) and if there are any other sites I’m missing!