Spring 2015 Show List

SPRING IS COMING! Never thought I would be so happy for 45 degree weather and a little bit of sun. This has been a harsh ass winter and I couldn’t be more over it. With spring comes spring shows! We can actually leave our houses now again and function outside. You can find me at the majority of these shows because I will never take going outside for granted again. Check out the list of upcoming shows this season and comment with the ones you will be going to! HAPPY SPRING :)

Snow Day Playlist



If you live on the northeast coast of the US, you most likely have a snow day. The media and meteorologists warned that the blizzard of the decade would hit last night/today but all it was, was hype. Due to the hype these past few days, lost of offices pre-closed (including mine!!) even though we didn't get the three feet of snow I was hoping for :( Regardless, you'll want to cozy up at home today with a cup of hot cocoa and this playlist. Happy snow day!

Currently Listening To...

These past few weeks, when I wasn't listening to Christmas music, I was jamming out to new Charli XCX (the whole album is pretty damn good btw), Omarion's "Post To Be," which I can't get enough of, "If I go" by Ella Eyre, which I REALLY can't get enough of, and a random mix of others. Pause the xmas music for a bit and check out this highly addicting playlist curated by yours truly.

Unwrap Style Playlist

I find myself in Forever 21 quite a lot because it's both cheap and trendy. But Every time I'm there I find myself shazaming more often than actually looking for clothes. Lucky for me, Forever 21 created a Spotify playlist featuring the songs they have on rotation at their stores... so obviously that's all I've been listening to for the past week. While most songs I just listen to in the background of what I'm doing, some have made onto my personal rotation because they are THAT good. Forever's playlist curators know what they are doing. Give the playlist a spin, it consists of 10 hours of really fun songs that'll make you feel like... shopping.

Currently Listening To...

This 6 song mix has a bunch of new songs including new RAC and Lily Allen. RAC recently released Strangers Part I, an accompanying album- Strangers Part II will be released in April. Both albums feature lots of familiar artists like Tegan and Sara and St. Lucia. RAC is usually all about the remixes but these albums have all original tunes and they’re really good!

Lily Allen’s “Our Time,” featured on the list is a new single from her upcoming album Sheezus, which will be released in May. So far Allen has released 3 singles off her upcoming album and I’m loving them all. All of these approaching releases are making me really excited for the next few months. Yay spring!

The rest of the playlist consists of songs I can’t take off repeat- new Say Lou Lou, Ages and Ages’ “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing),” Sisyphus and Lo-Fang. Listen and fall in love.

Say Lou Lou - “Everything We Touch”


Christmas Playlist


Christmas songs have been playing on the radio, in commercials and in stores since before Thanksgiving. All of this christmas overload may have you sick of holiday songs before your Christmas preparation even began. When writing cards, buying and wrapping present, baking cookies and decorating, you want Christmas tunes playing. But what do you do when you’re already sick of your Light FM Christmas radio rotation? Luckily for you, I’ve created a playlist with songs selected from Christmas mixes I’ve made over the years. These are songs that don’t normally make the radio cut, and give a fresh spin on old, played out Christmas songs. Only 2 weeks until Christmas, pump up the carols! 

Artists’ Playlist- Grimes and Lorde

Ever wonder what your favorite artists are listening to? Occasionally they let you in on their favorite tunes. Grime’s posted her all time favorite songs on her tumblr and Lorde shared her top songs of 2013. You may be surprised by some of their song selections, I know I was when I saw Grimes’ eclectic choices. 

Gimes' List- 

Lorde's List- 


"This is a city painted with sound and music is a major component of it. As in many poor areas, music is a form of emotional transportation for many people. Escape or dream- almost a form of prayer, whether you believe in God or not. And here you feel the need to sing. Napoli is a very, very unusual place, on many, many levels. And still despite everything people are still singing." 

This is a quote from Passione, a documentary about Neapolitan music directed by John Turturro. The documentary is like one long music video that chronicles the Neapolitan roots and traditions in music. The film looks into the European, African and Arabic cultures that influence Neapolitan music. Although it digs into the history of the music, Passione is modernized, featuring contemporary Italian artists.  

I happened to stumble upon the movie about a week ago after my dad rented it, and it has been playing on our TV almost non stop ever since. The DVD even traveled to my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving where we had a viewing for the whole family. My family who has roots in Napoli felt a special connection to the music and the culture presented in the movie, but you don’t need Italian ancestors to appreciate the film.

Although almost forced to watch it, I really enjoyed it. Passione makes you look at music in a way that you often forget to. It will definitely leave an impression on you; my cousin who also watch it said days later how she was still thinking about it. 

I picked the quote above because it is universal. Although it is talking about a specific region, I think anyone can relate to using music as an escape. The music is beautiful and the scenery is inspiring. If you are looking for something different to watch and listen to, definitely watch Passione and listen to the soundtrack below.

Unexpectedly Good Soundtracks

Last week The Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out and along with that came the soundtrack. The soundtrack is unexpectedly AWESOME and features artists such as Sia, Lorde, Santigold and Phantogram. The gem of the album is definitely Sia, The Weeknd and Diplo’s collaboration on “Elastic Heart.” Listen to the album and make sure to check out the other unexpectedly good soundtracks below.

  • Carrie (features- Haim, Cults and Haerts)
  • The Twilight Series (all 4 soundtracks feature great artists such as Lykke Li, Grizzly Bear and Bon Iver) 
  • Marie Antoinette (Ok, maybe a little expected. This soundtrack features- The Strokes, The Cure and New Order)