Review: Tove Lo



Last Wednesday Tove Lo took over Webster Hall and killed it. She performed almost all of her songs from her recently released debut album, Queen of The Clouds. You may have heard Tove Lo on the radio either from her single “Habits (Stay High)” or her feature on Alesso’s “Heroes (We Could Be).” If that’s all you know of Tove Lo I strongly suggest you listen to her full-length, as it is full of catchy as hell songs and I literally can’t stop singing them. It’s actually getting out of control, since last Wednesday I’ve been singing in the car, the shower, around the house, the store… basically everywhere. Apologies to those around me.

Queen of The Clouds is a pop album but edgy with shameless lyrics. She sings about sex, porn, drugs, throwing up, etc. - “I eat my dinner in the bathtub then I go to sex clubs watching freaky people gettin’ it on.”

Throughout the night she called her audience “babes” and threw out condoms and rolling papers into the crowd. Queen of The Clouds has a short intro and two interludes, and throughout the show extended versions of these, accompanied with Tove Lo’s lips, played on a screen. The interludes revealed an intense romance story and thoughts on love and passion. These breaks went really well with the performance and the crowd went wild for them. She kind of reminds me of an edgier Katy Perry and regular Robyn (maybe only the Robyn part because she’s Swedish).

The opening band for Tove Lo was Linus Young (girl and guy duo), a really good band but also a really weird opener for a pop artist. Their sound was super different from Tove Lo’s, a lot slower for one thing. They sounded great but it was way too chill and it didn’t set the right mood for the headliner. Linus Young vaguely reminds me of the Once soundtrack but with a sexier sound. I wasn't in the right frame of mind when seeing them live but I’ve been listening to them since on heavy rotation. Their album, Category 5, comes out tomorrow! Be sure to check it out.

Listen to both Tove Lo’s Queen of The Clouds and Linus Young’s singles below.