Sweet Nostalgia

"How bad could it be to take a couple of weeks to stop meticulously trying to stay ahead of the indie curve and relive when you first fell in love with this type of music, probably about halfway through puberty, in a friend’s basement watching That 70s Show, and playing ping-pong back before you had any idea what it meant to be cool.” - Jesse Nee-Vogelman from “Review: The Killers - Direct Hits” (Prettymuchamazing.com)

After reading this quote, I became nostalgic for the times where I happened to stumble upon bands such as Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Of Montreal, etc. Hearing these bands for the first time without searching or having any expectations was exciting and new. I would cradle each album for weeks or months at a time. I miss the days where I would spend time with a band and an album instead of quickly rushing to the next popular song.

Keeping up with the next, cool, unknown song is exhausting (especially when they are not that good). I won’t lie, I pretend to like songs I really don’t. Being around music lovers and people who are always up to date with new music makes me anxious. Reading music blogs daily to stay ahead of the curve and skimming each song to say that I know it, isn’t as satisfying as accidentally stumbling on a song and falling in love with it. When these blogs and music enthusiasts talk about these obscure and new artists, I get a case of FOMO and it makes me doubt my love for music.

This quote reminded me that it is ok to step back and take a breather. Knowing every single song that is currently out isn’t necessary. I’m hoping this post takes you back to the first time you heard your favorite band and maybe inspires you to slow down. Not just in music but with everything. Don’t worry about having the newest iPhone or latest, trendy jacket. Maybe just take it all in and relax a little bit.