Summa 2013 Playlist (So Far…)


So these are my summer song picks of 2013 so far. There is still much more summer to come so expect this playlist to grow. I must warn you though, theses aren’t all quality songs and some are pretty cheesy and mainstream, but they are all songs that I enjoy that give me that summer feeling. Although I hate on commercial radio all the time I’m actually one of their top listeners because I still have hope for them. I listen to the radio A LOT and I fall in love with some of those radio songs, some of which have made it onto this playlist. So expect to hear some Miley on here as well as that song by Robin Thicke that plays twice an hour on z100 (and which will probably continue to play until December). Some may consider these guilty pleasures but I never feel guilty about any of the music I listen to. Just look at my recently played songs on Spotify, which also happens to be shared on my Facebook timeline and it is clear that I am not ashamed of any of the music I listen to, even when I probably should be. I love bad music as well as good music. I have an incredibly eclectic and weird taste in music, but I don’t care. Enjoy!