RJD2 @ Brooklyn Bowl



Bowling, booze, food and concerts - what else could ya need? Brooklyn Bowl became my new favorite venue last week when I saw RJD2. I've been meaning to hit this place up for a while now but the stars never aligned until recently when I got tickets as a Christmas present. No offense to RJD2, but I was equally excited to finally see the venue as I was to see the show. Brooklyn Bowl was everything I ever imagined and more - you could literally hear/see the show from anywhere in the venue. Even right up to the point where I stepped into the bathroom stall, I could see RJD2 doing his thing on a screen through a window leading to the concert area, that's my kinda place.

Besides discovering that Brooklyn Bowl is the best place on the planet, RJD2 was pretty cool too. I saw him briefly at Governor's Ball last year when I caught the end of his set and was really digging it, which lead to this show. I don't really listen to him on the norm (I really only recognized one of his songs), but he's just one of those performers that you need to see live. The set was a straight up dance party. Just a really, really fun show overall. You don't need to have listened to RJD2 previously to have enjoyed it, it was not one of those kind of concerts.

The opener, D.V.S*, was pretty good as well, kind of like a mini RJD2 (like I couldn't tell the difference at first). It was mostly him, his guitar and his computer for most of the hour long set but he had a violin, saxophone and piano player accompany him for some songs. Only one negative, the hat he was wearing has GOT to go.

All in all the night was hella fun. So two things: if you have a chance to see RJD2 live, I highly recommend it, and DEFINITELY check out Brooklyn Bowl as soon as you can.