Just Some Music Related Thoughts (rambling)...

I briefly mentioned in my last blog how “that feeling” doesn’t come so easily any more. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about why that is. “That feeling” usually came about when listening to one of the CDs my dad just picked up, when shopping in a store and absent mindedly listening to the store’s music playlist or when seeing a band I was familiar with live and listening to the unfamiliar opening act’s set. In each of those instances it would be that one song that grabbed my attention and had me falling in love. It’s been a long time since “that feeling” came from listening to the radio.

In order to discover new, unique, quality music people are turning away from radio and on to the Internet. Radio, the old way to discover new music, consists of the same over played songs with only a few new songs added each season by the same chart-topping artists. There are some exceptions with a few stations that give listeners quality programming, but those are hard to come by in the sea of commercial radio.

Many have suggested that music just isn’t the same anymore, but the problem isn’t the lack of great music that is out there. Those who are dedicated to music and want to listen to great music can do so through some Internet investigation, those who are less dedicated will turn to radio, which doesn’t have nearly as much to offer.

Then there are those who refuse to listen to radio because they are not impressed by its content but they interested in digging through the Internet’s vast amounts of music blogs and music sites. Those people are often left listening to music that came to them maybe through friend suggestions, just happening to stumble upon it or a CD given to them for a present. They are listening to good music but just at the tip of the iceberg, not exploring and seeing what is available under the water. They are missing out on other music they would really enjoy. These people truly want to listen to great music and there are many artists out there who would love to have them as their fans. Radio is the easiest way to get great music to the masses but with that no longer being an option at the moment how else can great music become easily accessible? 

Artists have learned that they don’t need record labels and mainstream radio to gain a following. The Internet has made it possible to get their music to people all over the world, which is incredible, but with so many artists (both amazing and horrible) now able to do this, some truly talented artists may be losing out on the fame and attention they deserve. 

So the question is, what is missing? Although it is not eager to do so, the music industry is forced to evolve due to the Internet’s capabilities. What is the change or new component that needs to happen to get the music industry back into one of the top media industry and get great music to the masses?