If you know me, you know that my favorite animals are seagulls, my favorite color is yellow mustard and my favorite bands are The White Stripes, Brighten and The Shins. These have been may 3 favorite bands since I can remember and I have a feeling they always will be. Although The White Stripes are no longer a band, Brighten’s lead singer has done other side projects leaving them skimpy on touring and releasing new music and The Shins may have already reached their peak, they all equally have my heart.

If you really, really know me then you know I have an olive phobia and my 3 (I like having favorites in threes) favorite songs are: “The Only Living Boy in New York”- Simon and Garfunkel, “Talk Show Host”- Radiohead and “Head Over Heels”- Tears for Fears. 

The playlist below is a mix of all 3 of my favorite bands and has my 3 favorites songs sprinkled in there as well. I don’t mean to get so personal and self-centered in my posts but I thought I should share my favorite music and maybe you guys could share some of yours. Post in the comment section below please!