Creating the Perfect Playlist… For Someone Else

As I’ve mentioned on my blog numerous times, discovering great, new music is the most exciting thing for me. When I hear something that I love I become obsessed with it and I feel like I need to share it with everyone I know. I LOVE sharing music. Maybe that’s is one of the reasons why I still believe in radio. Because I am so big on sharing music, naturally one of the first gift ideas I come up with is mix CDs. Since the songs that are selected for the mixes are coming from my iTunes library this is both a cheap and personal gift.

Some general things to think about while making someone else a playlist:

  •  The hardest part about making someone else a playlist is distinguishing between selecting songs based on the perfect playlist for yourself and selecting songs based on what your friend would enjoy.
  • Another hard part is only selecting about 20 songs in order to fit onto one CD and not multiple. This is always hard for me because I tend to get a bit carried away. When I really can’t control myself I make data CDs, which holds over 100 songs and can be downloaded into another person’s iTunes library rather than being listened to in a CD player.
  • Order is important. Make sure you test out the playlist and listen to see if the songs are transitioning smoothly. If there are multiple songs by the same artists I like to separate them in order to mix it up, this goes with slower songs and faster paced songs as well.
  • Having a general idea of your friend’s music taste is key but it’s also fun to mix it up and add songs that your friend may not have heard before in order to introduce them to something new.

Giving and receiving mixes are my favorite. People always get excited over this gift even though it’s so simple, because there is a lot of thought that goes into it. So next time you have no idea what to give someone as a gift, you’ll know what to do.

Below is a playlist I made my cousin for a secret Santa gift last December.

Lykke Li - "Dance Dance Dance" (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)

Bikini - "1234"