Best of Billboard Top 100

I scroll through the Billboard top 100 frequently in order to keep up with current music trends and see what’s popular in other genres. While viewing the top 100 this time, I made my own playlist with the best songs. You often never hear some of the songs on the top 100 depending on what radio station you listen to and where on the list they stand. I wanted to highlight the best songs so I condensed the list from 100 to 40 with the stand out songs being Zandaya’s Replay, Berzerk by Eminiem, Big Sean’s Beware and of course Royals by Lorde. 

Oh, and just to clarify I excluded some songs from the top 100 that are also good and catchy, but didn’t make the cut due to that fact that they are ridiculously overplayed. I can no longer stand listening to them, which I’m sure is the same for you, unless you live under a rock.