Artist Spotlight- Lo-Fang (and a little Lorde)



Last night was one of the best nights. I saw CJ favorite, Lorde, in concert. She is playing a 3 night string of shows at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom, last night being the first. Lorde was perfect. Her singing and crazy dance moves were completely on point. The crowd was a weird mix of preteens, parents and hipsters, people smoking weed and some getting trashed. Most definitely one of the weirdest crowds I’ve ever been in.

Before performing “Ribs,” she talked about how deathly afraid she is of growing up. I immediately thought, “that’s not me.” But after thinking about it, that’s totally me. I thought I was done with that adolescent state of mind but in this weird transition in my life right now, from college to real world, I realize that rings true for me now more than ever. And I think that’s why I love Lorde so much- me and all the 16 year olds- she’s so relatable. 

While I can write about Lorde for days, as you can tell if you keep up with this blog, I probably shouldn’t turn CJ into a Lorde fan page. Instead I will be highlighting the opening act, Lo-Fang. 

I coincidentally heard the end of a Lo-Fang song while listening to NPR and the host quickly mentioned he was opening for Lorde on her tour. That was my only previous knowledge of the artist. The set consisted of singer Matthew Hemerlein who goes by Lo-Fang, a drummer and a keyboardist. With only 3 musicians on stage it was surprising how many different sounds were created. Hemerlein switched between singing, playing the bass and playing/ finger plucking the violin throughout the set. The instrumentals on each song were unique from any other music I’ve heard. 

Although he wasn’t much of a talker (he didn’t even mention his name), I liked the minimalism. While I took this as the performance purely being about the music, I overheard some of the audience members taking it as him being unenthusiastic or “too cool”. Not sure which interpretation is correct, all I know is the music was pretty incredible. If he wasn’t enthusiastic and into the crowd, he was definitely into the music. All in all, a really good performance. 

Unlike the live performance, on Lo-Fang’s recently released album, Blue Film, he does all of the instrumentation. I am really digging Blue Film, my favorites being “When We’re Fire,” “#88,” and “Boris.” There is also a cover of “You’re The One That I Want” from the movie Grease on the album, which is… interesting. I highly recommend checking out Lo-Fang- if you are like me, you will instantly become a fan.