Artist Spotlight- Charli XCX

A few weeks ago, Charli XCX released her third full-length album titled, SuckerSucker is jam packed with catchy pop/punk tunes that are bound to be hits, in fact it's so catchy it's hard for me to pick a favorite song. I mean, the 22-year-old wrote Icona Pop's ridiculously catchy hit "I love it," as well as wrote and sang the hook for Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," another extremely successful song. While Charli is no stranger to creating hits, she's ready to break out of the songwriter/background singer role and have her own chart topping tunes.

Although her newest album is pretty different from her last, moody/dark/electropop album, True Romance, it's still very much Charli. I LOVED True Romance, so when I first heard Charli's new songs off Sucker as they were released by single, I was a little disappointed and worried for the album as a whole. When listening to the whole album, I had a completely different reaction. It's a great album, and will for sure appeal to more people than True Romance ever did.  Even though some may call her a sellout claiming her songs are too mainstream, there is no denying that these songs are damn good. In an interview with NME, Charli stated, "I'm not making a hipster album." And she most definitely didn't. 

While Charli has tamed it down since her True Romance days, she still doesn't completely blend in with today's pop artists. Her crazy, wild hair was more put together for her recent performances on SNL, the Late Show, etc., but she still had her unique outfits and dance moves. Maybe that's just growing up though..

Below is her newest music video for her single "Breaking Up," this video is a balance between old Charli and mainstream Charli (but maybe a little more mainstream). It does have similarities to old True Romance music videos while still appealing to the masses. I do miss old Charli, but I'm excited for everyone to at least know who she is and experience the magic that is Charli XCX. Check out her new music video and stream Sucker below.