Wish I Was Here

So a few weeks ago I saw Wish I Was Here because 1) Garden State is my fav movie, 2) The Garden State Soundtrack is the best soundtrack there ever was and 3) I really like the title. Some were hating on this movie saying it was just another typical Zach Braff movie, but like EXCUSE ME Zach Braff only made one other movie, so that can't be a thing yet. Don't hate on ZB. 

Wish I Was Here made me feel a LOT. Like I cried a ton which I did not expect to happen at all (I guess I didn't really pay attention to the trailer). What you can expect from ZB always- good music, quirkiness and some cool quotes. 

When you make something as great as Garden State, I'm sure it's hard to follow up, and trust me he was really trying. I think a bit too hard. The humor and quirkiness was forced at times. While it did have similar elements to Garden State, it was definitely different, especially the feel of it. A lot more goofy and a little more mainstream. It was lacking in a way that I couldn't pinpoint but I did really enjoy it regardless. 

The soundtrack is pretty legit (mostly because The Shins). If I haven't convinced you to see the movie at least listen to the soundtrack. While it's no Garden State, it's still pretty damn good.