Currently Listening To...

Just going to start with this- these are ALL must listens. I promise.

Music vids, Soundcloud and a Spotify playlist were all in order for today’s post. Here is everything I’ve been listening to since mid July.

This Spotify playlist features new singles by Nicki Minaj, Clean Bandits and The Chainsmokers, a dancy jam by Kiesza (which will forever be stuck in my head after trying to learn the dance… Status: after 2 hours we only have 15 seconds down) and a newish song by Grimes sounding super un-like Grimes. I particularly can’t get The Chainsmokers’ “Kanye” out of my head, it’s reeeeeally catchy. Note: All songs are dance appropriate; make sure to have your best dance moves handy.

First for Soundcloud streaming is The Knocks’ new song “Classic” featuring Powers. I LOVE this songs, it's a perfect summer jam. Although I kind of wish it came out earlier in the season, we still have some time to disco to this groovy tune before fall rolls in. Hurry up and make the most of it!

Next is Jon Bellion’s “Munny Right,” which is the first single off the singer-songwriter/producer’s upcoming album, The Definition. I couldn't really tell how I felt about this song at first, I think I like it? Listen for yourself and tell me what you think.

This next song is an acoustic jam- “Sweet Carolina” by Polina Kourakina that will instantly make you smile. Kourakina is an up-and-coming artist from Cleveland, Ohio. This song strangely reminds me of Charlotte Sometimes (maybe it’s the voice?). Check out her Soundcloud ( for more.

To finish off the Soundcloud streams, here is “Neon Sun,” by Satellites aka Johnny Vic (writer/singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer). In honor of Satallites’ new album, 02 (coming out this September), I thought I would share this single from the upcoming album, which is REALLY good btw. Trust me. You should especially watch out and brace yourself for “Wasteland”- I’m totally digging it. 

And last but not least is this seriously goofy but totally cool music video by the new band, Masa. Masa is comprised of Didi Gutman from Brazilian Girls and producer Hector Castillo. “Pinos” is only their first single, I can’t wait to hear more from them.

 What have you been listening to these past few weeks? Comment below!