Sticky Summer Bash ft. Walking Shapes



Last Thursday I ventured into the city with the purpose of meeting my cousin and her friends to go to Hot 97’s Who’s Next concert at SOB’s (featuring Tinashe and Mapei)…we never made it. We instead ended up at the Sticky Summer Bash. Although the night didn’t go as originally planned, it turned into a spontaneous, surprising night in all the right ways.

The party was a free event (invite only) thrown annually by Sticky Audio Labs. The party was set in a recording studio, which is what made the party. It was like a maze with a circle layout, recording booths/rooms, offices and hallways spiraling throughout. All areas were used for different partying purposes- photo shoots, dance parties equipped with DJ’s, bars set up in various corners and bands performing in the kitchen. Basically the coolest party ever. Free booze and empanadas being passed around all night- what else could you ask for?

Performances of the night included Slavic Soul Party, Walking Shapes, Tempt and Valissa Yoe DJing the dance party. I somehow managed to find myself front and center at Walking Shape’s set. I loved them from the first note they played. Their sound was super groovy and sexy. Lead singer Nathaniel Hoho was EVERYWHERE- standing on the drums, climbing on the kitchen counter and singing in the audiences’ faces. As you can tell from previous posts, I love shows that have a personal and intimate feel and this one for sure had both. There wasn’t a stage, just an area for the band and then the crowd surrounding them so you were eye level with the musicians- perfect. I didn’t get to catch Tempt’s set and only saw the very end of Slavic Soul Party (spent a little too much time in the dance party room) but I bet they were awesome as well.

In conclusion- Sticky Audio Labs throws the best parties and Walking Shapes are dope. Click below to listen to their recently released album, Taka Come On (my favs are “Whoa Tiger,” “Feel Good” and “In The Wake”), and if you ever have a chance to see them live, DO IT!