Governors Ball 2014 Recap



Governors Ball was rough to say the least. 3 days of 10 hours of music was amazing but painful. It took me a WHILE to recover from the weekend. I can’t place complete blame on the recovery process for this post delay but…

This was my second Gov Ball experience, my first being 2 years ago but this year I decided to go all out and get the 3 day pass (all the days were so good, I couldn’t choose!). This year was a million times more crowded which proves how popular this east coast fest is getting. Governors Ball has come along way from its start in 2011 on actual Governors Island with this year’s headliners- Outkast, Jack White, Skrillex, Vampire Weekend and other big names on the ticket such as Disclosure, Phoenix and The Strokes. 

I had my Gov Ball playlist on repeat weeks before the big weekend because I was psyched; now I have it on repeat to reminisce. Only 12 months until next year’s fest ☹ 

Here are the highlights of the best, the worst, what I’ve learned from the weekend and when/where you can catch a similar experience. 

BEST- The Strokes, Banks (Duhh), Tanlines, Lucious, Vampire Weekend

WORST- Julian Casablancas (doesn’t make much sense considering The Stokes were one of the best, but Casablanca’s voice sounded muffled for some reason and he didn’t play his solo hits! WTH!), The Naked and Famous (muffled again, problems with mics maybe?)

What I’ve Learned- Survival Tips that Can Apply to Any Music Festival
•    LOTS of sunscreen 
•    LOTS of mola for those $13 beers or LOTS of courage- sneak stuff in (I’ve snuck in multiple sandwiches several times, can’t be too difficult to sneak in a few nips. Don’t let those festivals rob you of your $!)
•    Toilet paper- comes in handy at the end of the night when port-o-pottys are out. 
•    Sweater- because although I was dying from the heat during the day, I was freezing as soon as the sun set 
•    The Perfect Outfit = Loose, minimal clothing + comfy shoes. Minimal clothing goes along with the music festival general attire (lots of concertgoers take this to the extreme) but comfy shoes and loose clothing doesn’t quite make the cut. Tip: I know you want to look cool but is it worth it? (I saw multiple please wearing wedges/heels umm…what?) It’s a long ass day, jamming out at the front of the strokes beats sitting in the grass cause your feet hurt, any day. 
•    Earplugs- I ended up at the side of stages quite a few times because I wanted to be close but didn’t want to wait an hour before each artist to be close AND in the center. Side of stage = speakers. While this wasn’t often an issue, at Tanlines, it got really intense. Those beats were cray, literally vibrating in my chest and throat. Plus side- many couldn’t take it and the side front cleared pretty fast making it easier to get even closer.
•    Agua, lots and lots of it. You know why.
•    Rest- like I said, it’s a long day. Make sure you are well rested so you can enjoy every minute of the festival and see every artist possible. You don’t want to waste the day (or your money) sleeping in the grass as many people did. 
•    Back Pain Prevention/Relief Exercises- if you’re like me, standing for hours KILLS. It’s actually the only thing I dread about going to shows, it sucks. Follow this link, for exercises that offer some relief. Try them out after a long day at a show or throughout. In between sets you could most likely find me in the grass in child’s pose. 
•    A good attitude, it’s the funnest day of the year! HAVE FUN!!

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