A couple weeks ago KJ photographer, Kayleigh and I took our first summer KarpetJuice adventure to Geographer's show at Glasslands in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Because we had previous engagements in the city we ended up being early for the show… about 5 hours early. 

First off, Glasslands is so cool! It was my first time there and the vibe is super chill. They have creative decorations with parts that kind of remind me of being in a tree house. The space is small and cozy, allowing you get up close and personal to the bands (just how I like it). Glasslands is on Kent ave. across the street from the East River where Kayleigh and I romantically watched the sunset over Manhattan. If you are ever early for a show at Glasslands here’s a suggested itinerary- drink happy hour beers at the Crown Victoria (60 S 2nd St., New York, NY) for a couple of hours, watch the sunset on the East River, wander the area a bit and check out the neat graffiti and then head over to the venue where they let you in EXACTLY when doors open and be the first ones in. AKA recreate our awesome adventure. 

The line up included Rumors, Beast Patrol and lastly, Geographer. While watching Rumors I thought they were good but after, totally forgettable. Just listened to them now for the first time since the show and now that I am reminded of them I actually really like it. 

Kayleigh and I instantly turned to each other upon hearing Beast Patrol’s sounds check, whilst first on line (of course). They sounded great. Their set was super energetic and lead singer, Vanessa Bley is BADASS. I totally want to be her when I grow up. I scooped out their music right when I got home but found that I liked them better live. Not that they’re bad recorded but weirdly different. Love her voice live A LOT. 

Geographer was crazy energetic, dancy and fun. Honestly, I didn’t hear much of Geographer’s music previous to going to the show and was blown away by the cool electric, upbeat sounds. They also have a cello element in the band, which gives them a unique sound. Lead singer Michael Deni is so into it, literally. He jumped into the crowd and jammed with the audience, turning the venue into a dance party for a bit. They reminded me of Passion Pit and I can totally see them being the next Passion Pit-esque band, because, like where is Passion Pit?

All in all, I will probably only listen to Beast Patrol live, will most definitely have Rumors in my rotation (now that I remember them) and Geographer is fun as heck. Go see them. 

Press play below to listen to all the bands mentioned in this post. And PS. there are such good shows coming up, stay tuned for a Summer Concert post.