CarpetJuice Makeover... Introducing KarpetJuice

Welcome to CarpetJuice 2.0! aka KarpetJuice. After weeks of getting the site exactly how I imagined it, I am really excited for all to see KJ's new home. The name change and the switch to its own website aren't the only changes happening with KJ. The new and improved blog includes more photos, new logo and look, a different music player, videos and more interaction (I'm hoping!). I've been brainstorming hard and came up with some video and blog topics I'm really excited to share, but I would also love to know what you guys want out of KJ. What you hated about CJ and want in KJ, what you want to see continued in KJ, etc. All suggestions welcome. 

Really cool stuff coming soon. Get psyched and check back often!