Review: Charli XCX



Last week Chali XCX brought prom to Webster Hall’s Grand Ballroom. Balloons, prom signs, drink specials such as “Spiked Prom Punch,” and Charli dressed in a cheerleading uniform- all the high school prom necessities. With signs reading “It’s Prom Suckers” (Suckers is also the name of Charli’s upcoming album, set to release in December) and “Pussy Power," it wasn't your typical prom... it was so much better. 

Charli and her band- bassist, guitarist, drummer- all females dressed in matching cheerleading uniforms and one with cat ears, reminded me of Josie and The Pussy Cats (you know, the movie where an all female band delivers subliminal messages to their listeners through music…). At one point she had us chanting "Pussy Power," which also had me thinking back to the movie.

As expected, Charli was a great performer. Her voice was pawsome and dance moves were tight (she had this awesome move that was kind of like punk krumping). She performed a few new songs such as "London Queen" and "Break The Rules" but also some older ones like "Nuclear Season" and "Black Roses." She closed the night with "Boom Clap" and performed “Fancy,” but instead of just having a back track for Iggy’s rap parts, she rapped herself and it was 1000x better than the real thing. Also like her krumping, it was like a punk version of the song. 

Charli shouting, "It's prom bitches!" and falling balloons and confetti shooting over the audience during the last songs, topped off the night. It was a magical prom. 

Wine and Indian food made us miss Femme but we did make it just in time for Elliphant. Her performance was kind of like being in an episode of Skins and what I imagine my life would be like if I were part of the UK rave scene. Meaning her set was soo much fun. Straight up dance party. She and her weird British accent (and also her DJ) slayed the stage. And the best part? She closed with “One More.” So perfect. 

Charli XCX is as cool as they get. Cooler than cool and she is going to be big. I mean, really big… just wait for it.