2013 Travel Songs

Similar to Christina’s post about memory this post is about certain songs that take you back to specific moments in time. I thought about the places I have traveled to this year so far and what songs instantly bring me back to them. This is the playlist I came up with.

  • Miami —> Most of our time in Miami tanning by the pool during the day and going to clubs and bars at night. These songs reflect the MIami party feel. A lot of these songs were constantly played at the clubs we went to, which is how they got stuck in our heads and made it on this list. (First 8 songs: Million Voices, Spectrum, Pout It Up, Hey Porsche, Love Me, Feel This Moment, Started From the Bottom, and Birthday Dress)
  • Maine —> Maine is where I first discovered Lorde and became obsessed, which was why her music played for the majority of the week I was there. Either while driving through the scenic fields to light houses or hanging out in the cozy cottage, Lorde’s voice paired perfectly with the Maine setting. (Songs 9-14: Tennis Courts, Bravado, Royals, Million Dollar Bills, The Love Club, and Biting Down) 
  • Camping —> Hanging out by the campfire in the pitch black where all that can be seen is the fire, lightening bugs and bright music playing devices, is when these 3 songs were busted out. Lots of music was played that night but these were the songs that will forever remind me of that trip. Kanye’s album just came out at the time so it was a must play and my friend wanted to introduce me to The Very Best, which is why those songs were played. The 3 songs aren’t very campy but added to the perfection of that night. (Songs 15-17: Black Skinhead, Julia, and Warm Heart of Africa)
  • Pennsylvania —> While driving back to New Jersey from Gettysburg, PA, Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago was the soundtrack to our drive. The CD was the perfect listening material while driving through the Pennsylvania farms and fields, from the sun setting to getting lost in the Pennsylvania back roads in the darkness. (Songs 18-26: For Emma, Forever Ago album) 
  • Boston/ Rhode Island —> The music for this trip was Damien Rice’s on both the way to Boston from New Jersey and the way home from Rhode Island. A family favorite that was sung along with both times even though its not much of a sing along album. (Songs 27-36: album)
  • Seaside Park, NJ —> These songs, introduced to me by my cousin Michelle, go along with the silly, free feeling of the beach and boardwalk as well as the ridiculous, crazy moments the Jersey Shore brings out in us. (Songs 37-39: Bubble Butt, Ricky Ricardo, and #Twerkit) 
  • Atlantic City —> And for the last trip this clubby tune was one of the pump up jams that was listened to on our drive to the AC clubs. (Song 40: I Can’t Stop)

Let me know what you think about this playlist and posts some of your vaca songs below!